Monday, February 9, 2009

this is YOUR Los Angeles!

Go visit it!

where is this?

Shame of you if you don't know. Worth a visit on the subway, and afterwards you can walk to Chinatown.

Union Station, ceiling, downtown.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what comes after twilight?

Well, night, so after the twilight shot of the Disney hall it was natural to stick around for a night version. This is actually HDR, with 12 shots at 3 exposures each, for a total of 36 photos blended together. Isn't software wonderful?

a little black and white

A panorama of the entrance way to the Disney Hall, converted to B&W. Panorama's are about the only way you can get the wide view from the shooting angle, which was on the sidewalk only a few feet away.

Bonaventure at twilight

How can you beat the Bonaventure for photography? Still looks great after how many years, a standout in downtown LA.

Taken from the northern walkaway, carefully avoiding all the pedestrians, about 20 images stitched together.

Disney Concert Hall

This is a stitched panorama taken at sunset, maybe 16 photos put together. About the only way you can get a good photo from across the street. Took the North Hollywood subway downtown, walked to the Concert Hall and shot away. Most the the time was spent waiting for cars to move out of the way for each photo (no, traffic in LA is never this light.) I will post a few other panoramas as well

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, what else was I suppose to do with an easy set up like this? Take a standard group photo? New Years paraded again, lots of fun, everyone should take the LA subway and go.

boy hiding inside dragon

I imagine it's pretty tiring walking the entire parade route with a dragon head on while dancing around.

boy eaten by dragon

or maybe it's the other way around?

well isn't she cute!

She was very calmly staring the crowd down as she walked the parade route.

who knows what this is about

and if you guess right, you win a cash prize (that's a hint, not an offer.) A young girl represents money for the coming year in the New Years Parade.

a splash of color

From the Chinatown New Year parade this Sunday (Feb 1st)

Chinese New Year Parade

The smoke is from the firecrackers, if you look closely you can see the pieces of fireworks flying around.